Ken Livingstone backs campaign to save Ministry Of Sound club

Former Mayor of London opposes plans to build luxury flats near venue

Ken Livingstone has joined the campaign to save the Ministry Of Sound club in London.

The politician, who held the position of Mayor of London from 2000 – 2008, has spoken out against plans to allow developers to build a block of luxury flats which could threaten the venue’s future.

Last year, Oakmayne Properties’ planning application to build a 41 storey luxury residential tower block less than 10 metres from the nightclub was rejected, on the grounds that it breached several policies including providing no social housing, excessive height and overcrowding as well as the noise impact from the club on residents.


However, Mayor of London Boris Johnson has now ‘called in’ the application, something he has done four times since coming to power in 2008. In each one of these cases he has overturned the rejections and granted approval. A decision on the matter is expected to be made by Johnson in March.

According to the Huffington Post, Livingstone pledged his support to help save the club, stating:

Ministry of Sound is a great global success story. Its profile is good news for London and its vital music scene. Ministry of Sound is known the world over, and help presents a modern and exciting global image of our city, which is vital to attract tourism, business and study in London.

Previously, Ministry Of Sound CEO Lohan Presencer had said: “If Boris overturns the democratic decision of Southwark Council he signs the death warrant for Ministry Of Sound. It’s as simple as that. If he does, he alienates our tens of thousands of supporters in the process. Does Boris really want to lose that many votes in an election year?”

Meanwhile, regular Ministry Of Sound DJ Judge Jules added: “The Mayor should be celebrating Ministry Of Sound as one of London’s greatest global success stories, not kicking the club and its millions of fans in the teeth. Do the right thing Boris – please don’t stop the music.”

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