Minzy reveals 2NE1 began discussing reunion plans on CL’s birthday

The singer also added that she was “worried” about whether fans would still remember the group

2NE1 member and K-pop idol Minzy has revealed that the group’s reunion has been in the works for months.

In a new interview with Star News, Minzy spoke about the girl group’s surprise Coachella reunion this past weekend on April 16. Minzy, along with bandmates Dara and Bom, had joined leader CL on stage during her set at 88rising’s ‘Head In The Clouds Forever’ showcase during the music festival.

“I was so happy and excited to stand on such a huge stage with the [2NE1] members in front of so many spectators after such a long time,” said the 28-year-old singer, who has been releasing solo music the past few years. However, Minzy added that she also felt “worried” about whether fans would still remember 2NE1 after being apart for so long.


The idol went on to share that the girl group began to discuss the reunion during CL’s birthday in late February. “While preparing for the performance, we opened up about our lives to each other, and spoke about how we felt about our fans,” shared Minzy.

“We prepared for the performance while making good memories,” she said, adding that 2NE1 would always be a page in her life. “The four of us did our best to show a great performance to our fans who have been waiting for us.”

Aside from Minzy, CL has also opened up about 2NE1’s reunion and why she wanted it to happen at Coachella. “The reason I really wanted to invite my members here was because I wanted to get together through my strength and our strength, before it was too late,” she shared on Instagram.

“Through this performance, we wanted to greet all the people who have protected and been with us all this time, and say thank you to those who have loved and spent time with 2NE1 for the past 13 years.”

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