Top producers lined up for debut album...

MIS-TEEQ, who are releasing a new single, ‘ONE NIGHT STAND’, next week, have revealed they’ve worked with SO SOLID CREW on their forthcoming debut album.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, the girls said that ‘One Night Stand’ was the first song they’d recorded that they’d also written and that they’d recorded it with legendary Scandinavian pop producers Stargate.

Su-Elise explained: “[They are] three very talented guys who can adapt to any style of music. They’re very creative, yet very modest, and they made us really relaxed in the studio. We’d definitely work with them again.”

For their debut album, ‘Lickin’ On Both Sides’, released on October 29, Sabrina revealed that, “We got So Solid Crew to produce the darker garage songs because they’re the best at that, and Ed Case to work on the sophisticated garage side.” Alesha laughed off the idea that So Solid Crew would have waived their fee because she has been dating Harvey from the band for the past two months.

In the future, the girls are going to try to work with Damage and Wookie. “We wanted to work with them on our debut,” Alesha explained, “but there wasn’t enough time to sort it out.”

After the album is released, Mis-Teeq‘s tight schedule will see them do a university tour of Britain in November, followed by a European tour.

The girls have no plans to break the US yet. “We only started in January,” Su-Elise said. “There are so many other territories to break, and there are places in Britain where people don’t know about us. We’re going to reach those people first!”