Club drug ‘Roflcoptr’ to be made illegal

Drug has been referred to government experts and could be banned for a minimum of a year

A legal high known as ‘Roflcoptr’ could be made illegal within weeks, according to the UK Home Office.

The drug, which is described as “safe ketamine” by the Home Office, more commonly goes under the street name of ‘Mexxy’, a shortening of its chemical name methoxetamine, but is also known as ‘MKET’, ‘Moxy’, ‘MXE’, ‘Rhino Ket’ and, of course, ‘Roflcoptr’.

The drug has been referred to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) for its views on controlling it under a new temporary control power. The ACMD has until March 26 to make a recommendation to the government on whether ‘Roflcoptr’ should be subject to a Temporary Class Drug Order, which would make the drug illegal for a full 12 months while further investigations are carried out.

In a statement issued about the referral, Minister for Crime Prevention and Antisocial Behaviour Reduction Lord Henley said: ‘We have become increasingly concerned at the potential harms of methoxetamine, and continue to work with our drug experts on the ACMD to decide on the best way to protect public health. It is important for those considering using these drugs to understand that just because a substance is legal, it does not mean it is safe and should not be seen as a safer alternative to illegal substances.”

Speaking to NME, a ‘Roflcoptr’ internet seller who operates under the name ‘The Pilot’ said:

Sadly it looks like I’m going to have to stop lighting my cigars with fifty pound notes from now on. Terrible shame. I won’t be voting Tory again.

Previously, it has been reported that takers of the drug frequently experienced lost control of their bowels and ended up “shitting themselves” while under the drug’s influence.

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