Police say they found drugs and guns on rapper 2 Chainz’s tourbus

Officers find two pistols, a shotgun and marijuana residue, claim reports

Police found firearms and drugs on a tourbus belonging to the rapper 2 Chainz, according to reports.

The Oklahoman says that officers found two semi-automatic pistols and a 12-gauge pump shotgun on the bus, which was occupied by 2 Chainz and 10 other men. Papers filed in Oklahoma County District Court earlier this week claimed that painkillers hydrocodone and Flexeril were also found without the relevant prescriptions, as well as marijuana residue, metal grinders and smoking papers.

The court documents also include a testimony from the officer who pulled over the bus, which he claimed had a broken tail light. He also claimed that he had been able to smell marijuana and “could actually see smoke inside the bus around the door”.

The rapper and other men on the tour bus were arrested on August 22 after they refused to leave the vehicle after a traffic stop, and were charged with obstructing a police officer. The driver was arrested immediately, but according to Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow, the other passengers prevented police officers from entering the bus by closing and locking the interior door.

Officers then towed the bus to a nearby police training centre and, after investigators obtained a warrant, the 11 passengers finally vacated the bus at around 9am the following morning. They were then booked into Oklahoma County Jail, although they were subsequently released released after stumping up $2,000 (£1,280) bail settlements each.

2 Chainz is set to release his second studio album ‘BOATS II: Me Time’ on September 10. His single from the Fast & Furious 6 soundtrack, ‘We Own It (Fast And Furious)’, a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, reached Number Six on the UK’s Official Singles Chart in June.