Rapper Tim Dog faked own death to avoid paying debts to women on dating sites, claims woman

Rapper passed away of diabetes-related complications in February

A woman has claimed that rapper Tim Dog faked his own death to avoid paying a series of debts.

The hip-hop artist, who was born Timothy Blair and was best known for his track ‘Fuck Compton’, formed the duo Ultra with Kool Keith and released a string of studio albums before his death in February of this year, due to complications stemming from diabetes.

But according to 3 WREG, Esther Pilgrim claims that Blair faked his own death to avoid paying back money he had earned by scamming women he met on dating sites. Pilgrim, who claimed she was the victim of fraud and that a court had ordered Blair to pay her back $100 a month, said: “There was nothing of what you would normally find. What city? Who found him? There was nothing with any type of concrete details.”

Pilgrim also claimed that while Blair had been order to pay her $19,000 he owed more than $2 million in total and she had been contacted by 20 other victims of fraud. She also said that a friend of hers had been unsuccessful in trying to track down a record of Blair’s death in Atlanta, and that an investigator had tracked down an address for the rapper which was still classified as being “active” in April.

Pitchfork, meanwhile, also notes that original reports of Blair’s death did not contain much specific detail, and all quote a report from The Source as the original story. The report has since been deleted from its original link.