BBC launching music streaming service to rival Spotify?

Reports suggest the BBC are currently working on a music equivalent of the iPlayer.

The BBC are currently working on a music equivalent of their successful iPlayer to rival streaming sites such as Spotify, according to reports.

The new service, which has been named Playlister, will give UK licence fee payers free access to thousands of songs without paying any additional fees, reports The Telegraph.

Details of the new player are currently being discussed but it is expected to allow users to stream the broadcast company’s large archive of music recordings. The report claims the BBC are currently in talks with similar music providers, including Spotify, iTunes and Deezer, to find a way of clearing the rights.

The Playlister service has reportedly been pencilled in to launch later this year, or early 2013, and will exist alongside the BBC’s successful iPlayer, which launched in 2007.

A BBC spokesman said: “The BBC is regularly in conversation with digital music providers about how we strengthen radio’s position as the number one place for discovering music in the UK.”

Last month, it was reported that Apple are planning a move into digital music streaming, by developing a service that will rival Spotify and Pandora.
 The iTunes creators are apparently in the early stages of negotiating with record labels over the planned new service.