‘Gangnam Style’ singer Psy: ‘Everyone’s watching me like an Olympic gold medallist in South Korea’

Internet sensation says he's confident he'll bag the Number One slot in the UK official singles chart

South Korean pop star and internet sensation Psy has said he’s struggling with the responsibility of being his country’s most famous musical export.

His hit ‘Gangnam Style’, has racked up nearly 300 million views on You Tube and inspired a host of online spoofs, is set to hit the Number One spot on Sunday’s UK Singles Chart.

“I’m not a responsible person,” he tells The Sun. “But right now everyone’s watching me like I’m a gold medallist… I’m just about to get the UK Number One, so back home everyone’s cheering me.”

He added: “It means I’m representing my country right now — it’s huge. Everywhere I go, people tell me to be good for Korea. So, after 30-something years, I’ve suddenly had to become a very responsible person. But I’m still drinking!”

Psy – also known as Park Jae-Sang – told Radio 1 this week that his dance style was like “riding an invisible horse in your lower body”. The video – which you can watch below – features Sang dancing all over Seoul with a cast of characters including children, nuns and boxers. Speaking about his distinctive dress – a bright blue tuxedo amongst other dapper outfits, he said: “This is the point of the Gangnam Style. Dress classy and dance cheesy.”

However, earlier this week, the hit took on a more sinister tone after it emerged that the track had been the inspiration for a gun battle between two rival gangs in Bangkok. Nobody was hurt.

Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ entered at number three in last week’s UK Singles Chart.