Company behind Tupac hologram announce mystery ‘iconic British superstar’ as next project

The mystery hologram will be unveiled at the Best Of Britannia event next month

The British company that stages the Tupac hologram for Coachella festival have announced that they will unveil a mystery “iconic British superstar” at an event in London in October.

Musion, one of the company’s that staged the late rapper at the California festival alongside Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, have created another hologram for the Best Of Britannia event in London. Held in early October, the event aims to music, arts, culture design and manufacturing that are ‘Made in Britain’.

Earlier today, it was revealed that the makers of the now-infamous Tupac hologram, special effects company Digital Domain, have filed for bankruptcy.

The company, whose founders include Avatar director James Cameron, has suspended trading on its shares and asked for bankruptcy protection yesterday (September 11).

Digital Domain, which only became a public limited company in November, filed the order with debts of $214 million (£133 million) and shares valued at $0.55 (34p), compared to the price of $9.20 (£5.72) when they floated.

The company also worked as a special effects agency for several Hollywood studios and contributed work to the likes of Pirates Of The Caribbean, Transformers and Titanic. It also won an Oscar for its work on The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

According to CNN, the company had hoped that it would be able to secure lucrative new business from making high-profile holograms and receiving a percentage of the ticket sales from their live tours, but has been unable to shift its burden of debt.