‘One Moment In Time’ should be theme song for every Olympics, says writer Albert Hammond

Hammond Sr says nobody's penned a better Olympics theme than his 1988 track

Albert Hammond has said that no Olympic track will ever compare to his 1988 Summer Olympics soundtrack ‘One Moment In Time’, and that he wants to campaign to have it as the official theme for every Olympics.

The singer, songwriter, producer, and dad of The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr penned the track for the Seoul Olympics in South Korea. It was later performed by the late Whitney Houston. “I wrote it thinking of Elvis Presley, but he was dead,” he said. “Whitney came later. I cried when I heard it, it was so beautiful”.

When asked by NME if he had heard any of the tracks written for the London 2012 Olympics, Hammond replied: “I haven’t, no. The best Olympic song for me – and not just because I wrote it – is ‘One Moment In Time’. It’s an anthem. I can’t even remember the others.”

He added: “The words just say exactly what those athletes go through after four to eight years of working and working and working, and then in seconds it’s over. That’s why it says: ‘you’re a winner for a lifetime if you seize that one moment in time’. It’s just a perfect song.”

He continues: “I think that for every Olympics they can write new songs, and hopefully it’s successful because one always wants good things for our fellow human beings, even if they’re not friends. But I just feel that ‘One Moment In Time’ should be the official Olympic song for every Olympics and I will campaign for that for the rest of my life!”

Hammond has also penned songs such as ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ for Dianne Warwick, and ‘When You Tell Me That You Love Me’ for Diana Ross. He is set to tour the UK next year and recently confirmed to NME that his son’s band The Strokes are working on their fifth album.

Listen to ‘One Moment In Time’ below.