The Big Chill festival to re-launch in 2013?

Organiser Melvin Benn says he is considering re-launching the festival with a different look

The organiser of The Big Chill festival says he hopes the festival will return next year, but in a different format.

Melvin Benn, managing director of Festival Republic, says he is considering relaunching the festival, which takes place in Herefordshire, with a different look for 2013.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, he said: “I’m sure something will return that will have a completely fresh take on what a festival should be.”

He added: “The Big Chill [2012] was a clash with the Olympics but more importantly with The Big Chill it was me not being absolutely certain where I wanted to take the festival and what I was doing with the festival.”

He also said that he would be looking at the festival site next week to determine what the the event’s future should be: “I’m actually going down there next week to the very same site to have a look,” he said. “I’ll go with a couple of people that I hope will be working with me on – not The Big Chill, it won’t necessarily be The Big Chill – but a replacement or something to be born out of that.”

In January, it was announced that The Big Chill 2012 – which was due to take place between 2-5 August – had been cancelled. In a statement, Benn cited lack of artist availability due to its clash with the Olympics as the primary reason behind pulling the event.

The festival, which was first held in 1994, takes place in the grounds of Eastnor Castle, Ledbury in Herefordshire. In 2011, it featured performances from Kanye West, The Chemical Brothers, Jessie J and Calvin Harris.