Ozzy Osborne guitarist and Deep Purple singer to give air guitar business seminars

The heavy metal luminaries have turned business gurus

Smashing up stages and snorting insects aren’t activities you’d normally associate with the corporate world, but all that’s about to change as Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan and former Ozzy Osborne guitarist Bernie Tormé are about to launch a series of heavy metal business seminars.

Tormé, who joined Osborne’s band in 1982, told The Independent: “I have worked with a fair mix of Class A rock stars. The music business is a great teacher of life skills such as negotiating, marketing, teamwork, high performance and so on, both how to do them well and occasionally the dark side of the force.”

The sessions, which will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Dartford on 19 June, are organised by Peter Cook, a former business manager and author of books such ‘Punk Rock People Management’ and ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll’. He says that the corporate world can draw lessons from rock’n’roll:

Procurement managers are not known for throwing televisions out of windows or for their creativity…What we’re teaching them is about balancing the need for order and structure with a little bit of creative spark which gives them the edge over their competitors.

But it’s not all air guitar and jamming lessons, the seminars also stress the importance of discipline – as even the most hardcore rockers need to turn up to shows to make a living.

Andrew Sentance, a former member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, who often referred to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin in his analysis told The Independent he approved of the seminars:

Business can learn from the rock industry. Look at the veteran stars at the Jubilee concert…Sustaining a career and a business both require resilience, hard work and discipline. Inviting a rock star to address your conference gives colour to a world people often see as dry and uninspiring.