HMV denies Amazon has overtaken it as UK’s leading entertainment retailer

High street chain's official spokesman describes new figures as 'misleading'

An official spokesman for HMV has described reports that appeared earlier today (February 8) that said that Amazon had overtaken the high street chain as the UK’s leading home entertainment retailer as “misleading”.

Market research company Kantar had released figures earlier today which said Amazon had secured 22.4% of the CD, DVD and computer games market in the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas, with HMV claiming just 17.5%.

However, HMV’s official spokesman said that the figures are “skewed” as Kantar have chosen to include computer games, which tips the balance in Amazon’s favour, with HMV still leading the way in CD and DVD sales.

HMV’s official spokesman told NME.COM: “We’re not sure on what basis these calculations were made, but what we do know is that our market share for music and also visual products is actually up, and we believe the figures are a little misleading as they are heavily skewed by the inclusion of games.”

They continued: “As we reported recently our sales and share on games were markedly down last year, so if you were to take this out of the equation HMV would still be ahead as the leading entertainment retailer for music and visual combined. We have exciting plans to develop a far more integrated multi-channel retail offer that we are confident will deliver significant benefits to our customer this year.”

The spokesman also said that Amazon’s improved results were largely down to their aggressive discounting of products and their decision to often sell products at a loss in order to drive up other business.