‘My mission is to make the world happy and cute’ – Poppy takes us inside her new album ‘Am I A Girl’

Watch the Youtube sensation discuss Marilyn Manson, Grimes, gender fluidity and how "people need to take more risks"

Having amassed millions of fans and views on Youtube, Poppy is set to release her next album ‘Am I A Girl’ on Halloween. Watch our video interview with Poppy above.

Renowned for her unique, twee and stark presenting style (including interviews with plants and surreal horror motifs) Poppy has also released a string of singles and dropped the album ‘Poppy.Computer’ on Diplo’s Mad Decent label last year.

Sitting down with NME in London, Poppy spoke to us about her approach to music, ‘Andy Warhol and David Lynch, influenced performance art’, and how ultimately, “My mission is to make the world happy and cute, and to love everyone. I think I’m doing a pretty good job”.


“All of the videos tell a story if you start from the beginning,” Poppy told NME. “Sometimes I talk to plants, and sometimes Charlotte tries to take the spotlight from me.

Charlotte is her arch-nemesis and a talking mannequin, by the way.

“Charlotte thinks that she can be more famous. She’s a mom and also a little bit delusional.”


Speaking of her upcoming album ‘Am I A Girl’, Poppy described the record as being ‘evolved, dancier, darker – and thematically more about fashion’.

“I’m just trying to figure it out,” Poppy told NME about the record’s title. “Am I a girl, or am I boy? It’s a spectrum.

“I talk a lot about clothes, and there’s also a little bit about robots, girls and boys. If there was a message to the record, I’d probably say ‘freedom’. I don’t think there’s a lack of freedom, but I think people need to take more risks.”



While the album sees a collaboration with Grimes (on a track about “destroying things” – namely “corporations”), Poppy also has her eyes set on working with Marilyn Manson.

“I’ve talked to him, he’s very nice,” said Poppy. “He says he likes my videos a lot, and I like his artwork. Titanic Sinclair and I are big fans.”

Would Poppy go metal for Manson?

“Well, there might be a surprise on the album”.

Watch above as Poppy discusses being signed by Diplo, the ‘ceremony’ of her live shows, future live plans, her next album and relationship with ‘The Cult Of Poppy’.

Check back at NME soon for more of our video interview with Poppy.

Poppy releases ‘Am I A Girl’ on October 31. 


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