The stars want to raise money to help combat the Aids epidemic...

MISSY ELLIOTT and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE have announced plans to rewrite charity song ‘WE ARE THE WORLD’ to raise money for the Aids epidemic.

According to Billboard, Timbaland will produce the track, which will be released in spring 2004.

The track, named ‘The World Is Ours’, has the full support of original producer Quincy Jones.

“I see this as a passing of the torch,” explained Timbaland. “I will use the legendary model of ‘We Are The World’, but update it in a way that works for the trends of the music industry today.

“Just as Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie and [a][/a] did, we will create an anthem with today’s most talented artists to produce a song that will bring the world’s attention to the Aids pandemic.”