The star writes to her local vice-mayor on behalf of PETA...

MISSY ELLIOTT has written to the Vice-Mayor of her hometown of PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA asking him to take action to ensure all pets adopted from animal homes are neutered.

The superstar is supporting a drive by PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – to stop animals being released without being “dressed”, or given the snip, to stop them breeding.

According to an article on the PETA website, www.peta2.com, Missy was so outraged when she learned that 2,300 stray dogs were put to sleep in the town last year, that she joined their campaign to put a stop to the number of strays on the streets, and subsequently being dumped in animal shelters.

In a letter from her office, signed by Missy, she asked Vice-Mayor Bernard D. Griffin to pass a law to ensure all animals adopted from homes are speyed, which would, say PETA, save thousands of lives.

To see the letter, click here.