Or, alternatively, you could win the cash by entering a lottery on her website...

MISSY ELLIOTT fans are getting the chance to win $1 million if they can decipher the backwards lyrics on her new single, ‘WORK IT’.

The star mentioned the competition, which is run in conjunction with AOL, in an interview with Radio 1 this week, while talking about the single, which is available this week for a one-week period only before being deleted.

During the interview, she was asked to reveal what the lyrics, which sound like they have been reversed, are. She replied: “I can’t tell you that because it’s a contest. You go to aol.com you get the chance to possibly win a million dollars if you can tell me what I say going backwards.”

At the same time, [url=]www.missymobile.com is offering fans the chance to enter a lottery by picking six numbers, to win $1 million. Six numbers will be picked at random on December 6, and the person whose numbers match will win the jackpot.

Missy Elliott‘s new album ‘Under Construction’ is released on Monday (November 11).