And they want to give half the money to charity...

MISSY ELLIOTT and EVE are planning on releasing a joint album in aid of charity.

Missy has now completed work on her forthcoming album ‘Under Construction’, which is due for release on November 11.

Speaking in America, the rapper said that work will start on the new album in February. “Me and Aaliyah are supposed to do an album together and start working on it in February, “she told MTV. “Right now we’re talking about giving half the money to a charity, maybe kids who been abused or something. That album is like the girl version of Jay-Z

and R Kelly’s (‘The Best Of Both Worlds’). A little different, but the girl version.”

Missy said that she is also involved on a tribute album for the tragic R&B star [/a].

She continued: “You gonna hear a new [a] album. Right now we’re working on getting the artists together. She has a lot of songs she didn’t put on the album, so hopefully we’re going to get the artists to come in and sing the other verse on a song and keep one of her verses so it’ll be like a collaboration thing. I don’t have an exact time frame on it because it’s a lot of artists we’re trying to get for it, but it’ll be soon.”