Missy Elliott says she left behind hoovering and washing dishes to record new music

The rapper's return came about because Pharrell called to ask...

Missy Elliott has revealed that her return to music came about because Pharrell called and talked her into it while she was hoovering.

In an interview with The Guardian, Elliott talks about the domestic normality of her life pre her return, joking that she couldn’t be “non-busy” for Pharrell. Elliott said:

“I’d most definitely say that Pharrell was the captain of the ship – he asked me to perform with him last year at the BET Awards, and then Katy Perry asked me to do the Super Bowl with her. After the Super Bowl, I think I was in shock. I was getting mad calls: “Do you see what’s goin’ on?” “Do you see what people are sayin’?”

“By that point I was back at my house washing dishes and vacuuming my floor! I’ve got my scarf on my head! And then Pharrell called. He said: “If you would have it, I would like to get in the studio with you.” And I was like: “This is Pharrell, am I gonna be non-busy? I’m vacuuming my floor!” So I said OK,” Elliott explained.


Talking of how her perspective on life has changed in the release of 2005’s ‘The Cookbook’, the rapper added:

“I guess my friends probably think I’m one of the lamest when it comes to doing stuff. I’ll stay in my house and watch Lockup, the prison show. But also I don’t take things as serious anymore. I used to worry a lot. The reason I stay home more is because I realise that my blood pressure started going up.”

“And I never had a vacation until 2005! I’ve only ever had two vacations in my whole career and I’ve been in the industry over twenty-something years! I felt like I had to take a second for myself before I look up and realise I haven’t enjoyed life. That’s the outlook now.”

Elliott announced her return with Pharrell collaboration ‘WTF (Where They From)‘ on November 12, her first new song since 2012. In 2008, she shelved ‘Block Party’, what would have been her seventh studio album, instead releasing two songs that were recorded for the album.