Missy Elliott describes the painful process behind new ‘WTF’ video: ‘There was blood everywhere’

Rapper recently revealed her first new track since 2012

Missy Elliott has described the painful process behind her new ‘WTF (Where They From)’ video.

The new track features Pharrell Williams and is the rapper’s first track since a pair of iTunes-only releases in 2012. Her last album was 2005’s ‘The Cookbook.’

In the new video, released last week (November 12), Missy Elliott wears an extravagant glass outfit. In a new interview with ID Magazine, Elliott explained that it was difficult and painful to wear.


“We all came up with the glass outfit, which was the hardest thing to wear because it was really cut up glass so I was bleeding and everything!”she said. “I was so agitated but I had to get it done. I was bloody and bloodied. There was blood everywhere!”

Watch the video for ‘WTF (Where They From)’ ft Pharrell Williams below:

Elliott went on to explain that because she had not released any new music for such a long time, the pressure she felt before the video release was huge.

“I knew that people know me for my videos and so the expectation from those who grew up on my music was high. My goodness. I swear to God, I felt like I sweated out my tracks the night before the video dropped! My weave was messed up waiting for this video to come out!”

More recently, Elliott has provided guest vocals on tracks by artists including Little Mix and Faith Evans, and signalled her comeback earlier this year with a headline set at Bestival and a Superbowl performance cameo alongside Katy Perry.


Following the Superbowl performance, Elliott explained that Pharrell called her up and suggested she make a return.

“He hit me up like ‘Yo, what are you doing?’ I was basically in the house cleaning! I had gone back to my normal life,” she said.

Pharrell Williams previously discussed working with Missy Elliott in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Speaking about Elliott, Williams praised “the way her mind works”, saying: “Like we’re in the studio, and just the things that she says and thinks about. And like her video concepts. I didn’t know that all those video concepts were hers. I’m so proud of her.”