Missy Elliott reveals true meaning behind Tweet’s ‘Oops (Oh My)’

Nope, it isn't about masturbation

Missy Elliott has debunked a longstanding myth about Tweet’s 2002 hit ‘Oops (Oh My)’, by revealing that it was never about masturbation.

Tweet’s collaboration with Elliott was co-written by the rap icon and featured lyrics that were widely interpreted to be a less than subtle reference to masturbation, including: “Mmm, I was looking so good, I couldn’t reject myself / I was feeling so good, I had to touch myself.

However, Elliott has now dismissed the belief after a fan tweeted a clip of the music video alongside the caption: “Tweet said masturbation but make it a bop.”


Clarifying the truth, Missy said: “#Funfact this song was never bout Masturbation it was always about her appreciating her Dark Skin (Self Love)when she looked in the mirror it was the listeners that thought it was about sex & just ran with it… & we just let the consumers mind create what they wanted.”

While fans were understandably surprised, other lyrics on the track include “I was eyeing my thighs, butter pecan brown“, which back up Elliott’s new take.

Responding to the new revelation, one fan wrote: “Ms. Elliott? MISSY!! Cut out all this fibbin.You know good’n hell well… So, now ‘One Minute Man’ was about a dude running a foot race??”


She responded: “Lol! Nah that song meant what it said.”

Last year, Elliott teamed up with Dua Lipa and Madonna on a remix of Lipa’s ‘Levitating’.