Mitski discusses encounter with man masturbating next to her in Belgian gym

"I'm saying this out of a strong urge to express the absurdity of the world"

Mitski has claimed that she was forced to flee a locker room at a gym in Belgium after a man began masturbating next to her.

The singer detailed the bizarre experience on Twitter, revealing how she shouted at the man in an attempt to get him to stop.

“I’m in Belgium at a hotel gym’s tiny locker room getting changed when I look up and a man is masturbating inches away while saying something to me I don’t understand, I keep yelling Fuck You! until I can get out of there”, she wrote.

But the story took an even more unfortunate twist as she attempted to leave.

“The kicker is that in my confusion I run to the bathroom where I look down and I’ve just stepped my bare foot into a wet shit on the floor”, Mitski wrote.

“A live wet shit? Right now? Poop on my foot before me, stranger masturbator behind me; the birth of comedy must’ve looked something like this.”

She later added: “I’m really fine just saying this out of a strong urge to express the absurdity of the world.”

The singer’s stop-off in Belgium came ahead of a scheduled show in Amsterdam tomorrow night on her European tour.

Earlier this summer, Mitski released her critically-acclaimed fifth album ‘Be The Cowboy‘ – which NME hailed for ‘conducting grander musical theatrics than ever before’.