Miya Folick shares new single ‘Nothing To See’ and announces EP

The Los Angeles singer-songwriter will release new EP '2007' in September

Miya Folick has announced she’ll release a new EP titled ‘2007’ on September 9 via Nettwerk.

To coincide with the announcement, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has shared new single ‘Nothing To See’. It arrives alongside a video in which Folick drinks milk from a bowl in a restaurant and eats an ice cream while walking on a treadmill in a gym.

Watch the Noah Kentis-directed video for ‘Nothing To See’ below:


“This song is about falling in love with someone emotionally unavailable,” Folick explained in an accompanying statement. “Someone whose feelings and desires were so obscured to me and themselves, that I had to become a detective. I studied their life for clues and tried to play the role of the person I thought they’d like.

“Eventually we broke up and I realized that I’d lost the plot on my own life. My body and personality and life were so populated by the interests of this person, that once they were gone, there was nothing left to see. But, to me, this song isn’t bleak. I think there’s power in being brave enough to say, I was made a fool by you.”

‘Nothing To See’ is the third single Folick has shared from ‘2007’, after ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Oh God’ both arrived earlier this year. The EP will mark the follow-up to Folick’s debut album ‘Premonitions’, which was released in 2018.

Miya Folick’s ‘2007’ EP tracklist is:

1. ‘Oh God’
2. ‘Bad Thing’
3. ‘Nothing To See’
4. ‘2007’
5. ‘Cartoon Clouds’
6. ‘Ordinary’

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