Prodigy's 'Murda Muzik' is set for a DVD release later this year...

MOBB DEEP member PRODIGY has announced his ‘MURDA MUZIK’ film project is complete and that he is hoping for a DVD release later this year.

The movie, written, produced and directed by Prodigy and Mobb Deep partner Havoc, is based on their own experiences of growing up in Queens, New York. The duo also star in the film.

Explaining why they decided not to seek a cinema release for the picture, Prodigy told [url=] “I’d rather do a straight-to-video release, rather than put it in theatres. I make more that way. When you put your movie in theatres, you gotta pay the distributor and a bunch of other people.”

Though ‘Murda Muzik’ is also the name of the duo’s 1999 album, there will be a soundtrack record to accompany the film release.

“It’s like a Mobb [Deep] album,” Prodigy explained, “but the topics of the songs are based around the story in the movie.”

The soundtrack boasts appearances from Snoop Dogg and Nas.

Prodigy also revealed that he and Havoc are currently working on their fifth album, the

follow-up to ‘Murda Muzik’ – which should be released this summer.