The dance superstar says he's been an "annoying and awful man" at various points in his career...

MOBY has issued a public apology for being a “truly annoying and awful man” at various points throughout his career.

In a diary posting on his official website, Moby said that in the past he has acted like a “jerk” for criticising other musicians such as Orbital and Aphex Twin.

Moby said his change of heart came about after reading the biography ‘Moby Moby early in his career as a man not happy with the contemporary dance music scene.

In his posting, Moby said: “I’ve just been reading this book called ‘Moby

“What was wrong with me? Why did I have to pick musical fights with people? I love Aphex Twin and Orbital, why did I criticise them? I do believe that every time someone criticises me now that I’m completely deserving of it, for in the past I used to be such a jerk.

“Who knows, maybe I’m still a jerk. Probably I should go to J.A. (Jerks Anonymous). Although I guess now that I’ve outed myself as a jerk I’m not quite so anonymous.

“In any case, I apologise for being so difficult in the past. And I publicly apologise to anyone I might have offended by being abrasive or critical or contentious.”