The bald one reckons he can keep up with the Scots and party like mad - NME.COM's tartan contingent begs to differ...

MOBY has spoken to exclusively NME.COM about his decision to turn down offers from around the world spend New Year’s Eve playing a show in SCOTLAND, saying EDINBURGH is “a remarkable city”.

Speaking to NME.COM last week, Moby said that although he’s “never really been one for celebrating New Year” he was “very much looking forward” to experiencing his first Hogmanay. “In New York, everyone just tends to go over the top and the streets are filled with incredibly drunk people,” he said. “That’s probably the case in every city in the Western world, but I’m looking forward to seeing if Edinburgh is just that little bit different.”

Asked if he’ll be able to keep up with the Scots and party for 24 hours, Moby laughed and suggested: “I can party with the best of them when I put my mind to it!” He also emphasised that his regimented sleeping schedule “of going to bed at 9am and getting up at 4pm” in order to keep his body-clock in New York time meant that “staying awake isn’t a problem”.


Moby said he had been offered generous amounts to play concerts in both New York and Australia, but had turned them down in favour of Scotland.

He said Edinburgh Castle would make “a pretty dramatic backdrop” for his live show, and “Scottish audiences tend to be very enthusiastic – there’s a passionate commitment to music that you don’t really find in too many other places” he explained.

Conscious that thousands of people will be standing in the cold to watch him during Hogmanay, Moby said he was thinking of focusing his set on “the more uplifting, disco songs”. He continued: “There’s now nine of us on stage and I’m really pleased with how well we work together. Having live strings and more singers gives the songs a lot more flexibility.”

Moby will warm-up for the show with a date at the Dublin Point on December 29.

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