Speaking exclusively to NME.COM at a pre-Grammy Awards fund-raiser for Rock The Vote, Moby warns of the dangers of political complacency...

MOBY has called for young voters in the UK to “make their voices heard” at the upcoming general election, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

Speaking to NME.COM at last night’s ‘Rock The Vote’ fundraiser in Los Angeles House Of Blues (click here for more details), the highly politicised star, when asked if he saw a parallel between the US and the UK political systems, said: “It is vitally important that the young make their voices heard. The only way to do that is to vote, because the only way that you can make politicians listen is if they know you are going to be voting.”

Moby also used the opportunity to condemn US President George W Bush. Speaking from the stage where he was presenting an award to Judy McGrath, the President of the MTV Group, marking her contribution to the Rock The Vote movement, he called Bush “a half-wit President who is not legally elected”. He went on to conclude that “maybe we should have a moment’s silence for the fact that we are ruled by evil, evil people”.

Moby campaigned throughout the US election race for Democrat runner and former Vice President Al Gore. He also rounded on acts such as Pearl Jam for supporting Green Party candidate Ralph Nader during November’s election. He felt their encouragement presented Nader with votes which otherwise would have gone to Gore, so aiding the right-wing Bush’s surge to the White House.

R&B diva Mary J Blige also used the opportunity to call for voter participation: “Tonight’s award means so much to me, not for myself, but because I know that this is a campaign that relies on everyone doing what they can,” she said. “The most important thing is to vote, the work I do is to raise awareness of the importance of every vote in every state. Florida has shown us that.”