And it's got a lovely message, though the language is a bit naughty...

MOBY and PUBLIC ENEMY have teamed up for a joint single.

The hip-hop pioneers join the techno/chillout star for ‘MKLVFKWR’, out on July 26 through Mute.

Public Enemy‘s Chuck D said: “Working with Moby on this theme and project again shows that music can be a universal language of peace. Knowing his great work and concerns of the planet made this project one of like-mindedness and world spirit.

“The song is a request that being a citizen of the world should transcend nationality in the name of peace.”

Meanwhile, Moby said: “We do still ostensibly live in a democracy, so my hope is that at some point the people will vocally rise up and let the current leaders know that they’ve had enough.”

Standing for ‘Make Love Fuck War’, the single will be only available on 12″ vinyl, but will also feature on the ‘Unity’ album – the official companion to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, out July 12.

The album features artists from 15 different countries, including Destiny’s Child, [/a], [a] and [a][/a]. All the songs are linked “by a theme of harmony and peace”.