Moby to produce new Courtney Love album?

He's been in talks

Moby has revealed he’s been in talks to produce to next Courtney Love album.

But the techno boffin is still not sure whether he’ll be working on the songs which will make up the follow-up to 2004’s ‘America’s Sweetheart’.

He said: “I’m not sure we’re working together. The truth is, I actually don’t know. I mean, I’ve known Courtney for a long time, and I find her to be remarkably talented and just a fascinating person, so we might work on something together, but I don’t know. It’s just been some friendly conversations at this point.”

Moby, whose remixing and producing credits include the likes of Metallica and Britney Spears, told MTV News that Love‘s new songs will “surprise” people, and said the demos he’d heard so were “really powerful.”

He added: “It’s actually really well-written songs that are very earnest, very passionate. So I’m sure she’ll make a wonderful record. It’s got a humble strength to it.”

Moby, who will release a career-spanning Best Of compilation later this year, is currently working on two soundtracks – ‘Southland Tales’ and the big screen adaptation of the classic Eighties American cop show ‘Miami Vice’. Speaking about the latter, he said: “It’s very dark and it’s got a lot of pathos to it, so the music is dark and laden with pathos.”

The movie, starring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell, is out later this year.