The star wants to get back to playing "hard. sexy, straightforward dance music"...

MOBY is set to release a second album under his VOODOO CHILD alias.

The Voodoo Child imprint began when the star released an eponymous single under that name in 1991. The hard techno track proved to be a big club favourite. The first album, ‘The End Of Everything’ , was released in 1996. Now, according to, a second record, ‘Baby Monkey’, will be released next year, with a UK release set for February 2.

The ‘Baby Monkey’ concept was first thought of at an underground party in Glasgow in December 2002.

Moby recalls: “It was the last night of the European tour for ’18’, and to celebrate we went to an underground party in some abandoned railway tunnels. The DJ’s were playing hard, sexy, straightforward dance music, and it was perfect.

“I was reminded of just how much I love hard, sexy, straightforward dance music, and when I arrived home the next day I decided to make a simple, straightforward dance record. Not an experimental record, not an avant-garde record, but a straightforward, underground, electronic dance record.”

The tracklisting for ‘Baby Monkey’:

‘Gotta Be Loose In Your Mind’


‘Take It Home’

‘Light Is In Your Eyes’




‘Unh Yeah’