Th bald star says it's "very funny" that he's been "dissed" on 'Without Me'...

MOBY has said he is “amused” and “honoured” to be namechecked in the new EMINEM single.

As NME.COM revealed earlier today (April 26), the controversial rapper’s new single ‘Without Me’, released on May 20, disses the dance star for being old.

Now, writing on his official website, Moby said that although he has reservations about Eminem‘s music, as he considers it “glorifies homophobia and misogyny”, he is “honoured” to have received his “first celebrity diss”.

He wrote: “I’m so amused…apparently Eminem disses me on his new single. I haven’t heard it yet, but I do think it’s very funny that he’s singled me out as an object of his scorn.

“The weird thing is that I actually do think that Eminem has skills as an MC, but it disturbs me that he glorifies homophobia and misogyny in his songs, especially seeing as his listeners are, for the most part, very impressionable 10 year old boys. I’m honoured to have received my first celebrity diss. well, first celebrity musical-diss.”

Moby joked that he has no plans to “diss him back”. He concluded: “I won’t be dissing him back, but I will say, as I said before, that musicians need to assume a certain artistic responsibility when their fan base is very, very young.

“A 30 year old listening to an Eminem song that glorifies misogyny and homophobia is going to interpret the lyrics a lot differently than a 10 year old listening to the same song. From my perspective any music that glorifies abuse, misogyny, homophobia or racism is disturbing, but especially so when its targeted to fan base of 10 year old boys. But anyway, if your reading this Eminem, thanks for the diss. Really, I mean it. And no hard feelings from me.”