The big pussy!....

Moby has been hospitalised in NEW YORK after being attacked on the street – by a cat.

The dance star was enjoying a New Year’s walk through the Chinatown district of the city when he came across a street cat which he attempted to pet. For a reason currently unclear, the animal took a dislike to Moby and bit his hand.

Writing in his Internet diary, Moby explained what happened: “Throughout the day my hand got more and more infected and swollen and sore. But I, being relatively stoic, just went about my business, assuming that my relative youth and relative health would prevent me from getting rabies or whatever diseases were floating around in this cat’s mouth.

“I went to sleep with a sore hand, only to be awoken at some ungodly hour with tons of pain and the inability to move my fingers. So, being of sound mind and body, I went to my local emergency room where I was rushed into the ‘urgent care’ ward and given a tetanus shot and some mega-dose of antibiotics. The doctors told me that cat bites are extremely serious (especially when delivered by the foul-mouthed denizens of dumpsters in Chinatown) and they reprimanded me for not coming in right after it happened.”

Moby‘s new studio album is due for release in the spring.