The star claims he was beaten up by a bunch of homophobes...

MOBY claims the reason he was attacked in BOSTON was because the men thought he was gay.

The dance star was playing a show at the Boston Paradise Club in the US (December 11), as part of his ongoing tour in support of his new album ’18’. On leaving the show he was attacked by three men, and beaten to the ground.

Now, the star has said he thinks his alleged assailants picked on him because they thought he was gay – even though he isn’t.

“I’m kind of a simpleton, but could someone please explain homophobia to me?” he wrote on “Apparently when I was attacked in Boston it was a ‘gay bashing’ (which is kind of ironic seeing as I’m straight). What in the world do people find so offensive about homosexuality? What about homosexuality is so upsetting to so many people? Prejudicial hate and violence are always despicable and offensive, it’s as simple as that.”