The star claimed the FBI and CIA had "failed" the American people after the recent terrorist bombings...

MOBY has apologised for a posting on his

official website following the terrorist strikes in the US, in which he appeared

to criticise the US intelligence services.

As previously

reported on NME.COM, writing from his New

York apartment in a posting on his official website,, the dance star said he

believed that the people of New York had been “failed” by the

FBI and CIA, who “exist solely to protect us

from this sort of atrocity”.

However, in a new posting, the dance star claims

he was in “no way criticising the men and women who work for these institutions”.

He wrote: “I should probably let this issue rest, but I do feel the need to

explain myself further, seeing as I believe that my post of a few days ago has

been misinterpreted.

“When I wrote my update criticising the

FBI, CIA and military, I was distraught. I

was waiting to find out about friends who were missing and I was in shock. So I

do acknowledge that what I wrote was rash and hasty, and for that I apologise.

In that update I was in no way criticising the men and women who work for

these institutions.

“The people who comprise these institutions are hard

working and noble, and I in no way intended my criticism of these institutions to

be a criticism of the people who work for them. I really do hold the men and

women who serve the public in the highest regard. And it troubles me to think

that I might have hurt the feelings of individuals who are actively involved in

serving the public. So again, I apologise.

“When time has passed and when

emotions have settled down I’m sure that qualified people will be able to assess

the situation with the FBI / CIA and military,

and better understand how such a tragedy was able to occur on their watch. I in

no way would present myself as being qualified to have anything other than a

pedestrian and naive understanding of the way in which these organisations work.

“I was upset. So please let me reiterate that even when I was distraught and

when I wrote that update I was in no way, no way at all, criticising the men and

women who work for the FBI, the CIA, and the