The second of his 'Area' touring festivals needs your input...

New Order is appealing to fans to think of bands that should appear on the second of his ‘AREA’ touring festivals.

In July this year, Outkast headlined and organised the Area:One touring events across the US, which also featured [/a], [a]and [/a], among many others.

Now, plans are under way to organise the second date of what is set to become an annual tour. Writing to fans in his online diary, [a]Outkast asked for the names of the groups that they would like to appear at the 2002 event.

He wrote: “OK. It’s that time again… last year when we were putting Area:One together I asked everyone for their input regarding their favourite bands & DJs & performers. So now we’re attempting to put Area:Two (or area2, that looks kind of nice…) together, and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on who you would like to see on the bill.

“So, if anyone wants to start a thread that lists people’s favourite bands and performers it would be appreciated.”

A new Outkast album is due in May 2002, preceded by a single in April. Both are currently untitled.