The "in-bred little muppet" is recovering after being beaten up in Boston...


has thanked fans for their outpouring of support following the news that he was injured after being attacked in BOSTON last week (December 11) .

The star, who was attacked as he headed for his car following a gig at the Paradise Club, says he has been left confused as to why anyone would want to harm a “little in-bred muppet” like him.

The singer suffered serious cuts and bruises in the incident but is now on the road to recovery.

“My face is kind of puffy and cut up and my lip is a bit swollen, but I’m actually ok, thanks,” he told his official website

He added: “After ‘Jackass’ I believe that the slightly beaten-up scurvy pirate look is quite fashionable. So in some ways I should thank the courageous thugs in Boston (three guys with mace against me, a little in-bred muppet, very courageous) for helping me to achieve that tough-guy look that’s hitherto been so hard for me to accomplish.

“But in all seriousness, thanks everyone very much for your concern. I’m still left quite confused as to why these guys wanted to attack me, but I guess they had their reasons.”