The star plans some drastic changes to his set - look out for some cover versions...

MOBY has announced is to revamp his stage show to include sets of cover versions when he tours the US next month.

The dance star is currently in the UK, where he’s finishing up a tour. However, Moby said that when he returns to his native America next month for radio shows, he is planning something “quite different”.

He wrote “On Dec 11(in) Boston we’ll be playing a more dance oriented (rave oriented, even….although I haven’t used that word in a long while) set. Playing some of the older rave tracks that we haven’t played in a while. On Dec 13 (in San Francisco) we’ll be playing a punk rock/heavy metal set of cover songs. I love cover songs. So that’s what we’ll be doing.

“On Dec 14 (in LA) we’ll be playing a quieter set, some of the quieter more introspective songs that we don’t play live all that often and on Dec 15 (in Chicago) we’ll be playing a punk rock/metal set of cover songs similar to what we’ll be playing in San Fran. Just trying to have fun and keep things interesting.”

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