The vegan star launches an appeal to rescue the birds from their fate...

MOBY is taking time out from his feud with EMINEM to save America’s 40 million turkeys from a Thanksgiving Day date (November 28) with some roast potatoes and cranberry sauce.

The vegan star has teamed up with People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to launch an appeal to save the turkeys.

Every year, the US’ largest turkey retailer, Butterball, sets up a hotline giving callers tips on how to cook their Thanksgiving bird. Now Moby is appearing on a separate freephone hotline (1-888-VEGFOOD) calling on people to clog Butterball’s lines as a complaint against the treatment of turkeys.


“Let them know there is no proper way to kill and prepare these beautiful birds,” Moby says on his recorded message.

A spokesperson for ConAgra, Butterball’s parent company, baulked at Moby‘s call to arms insisting: “We are committed to the humane treatment of animals.”

However, their comeback has cut no ice with Moby. In a posting on his website,, the star blasted:

“Can I ask the simple question: how is keeping an animal locked in a cage and then butchering it considered ‘humane’? Wouldn’t the ‘humane’ treatment of an animal involve playing with it and enabling it to have a long, happy, healthy natural life… I’m not trying to be a crazy, militant activist, but I’m a bit nonplussed at this new use and definition of ‘humane’.”

Moby has a little over a week to save the turkeys.

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