Thora Birch, Tommy Lee and, er, Mini Me all appear in the promo for 'We Are All Made Of Stars'...

MOBY has recruited stars including TOMMY LEE, THORA BIRCH, DAVE NAVARRO and GARY COLEMAN for cameo roles in the video for his new single.

The track, ‘We Are All Made Of Stars’, is released on April 29 via Mute. The video was recently shot in LA and is directed by Joseph Kahn, who has in the past worked with groups including U2, Garbage and Wu-Tang Clan.

The clip sees Moby as a spaceman who has landed in LA, and observes Hollywood as his first interaction with earth.

During the video, stars from the world of music and film help Moby. They include Tommy Lee, Thora Birch, [a][/a]’s Dave Navarro, Corey Feldman, Vern Troyer (‘Mini Me’), Ron Jeremy, Dominique Swain, Kato Kaelin and Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges from the ’80s TV show ‘Diff’rent Strokes’.

The single is the first track to be lifted from Moby‘s new album, ’18’, which follows in May.