The 'Feel Free To Say No' initiative will be launched by a Canadian boyband's debut single...

The European Union has signed up techno starMOBY, British pop singer [a][/a]

and a Canadian boyband for a campaign aimed at preventing teenage girls and young women from taking up smoking.

The ‘Feel Free To Say No’ campaign has already featured one of the world’s most expensive footballer, Zinedine Zidane, in a bid to win over young men during this year’s World Cup finals.


And its new look will be launched on Friday (November 8) by boyband 4-4 and European Health Commissioner David Byrne.

“This time we focus on the teenage girls and young women,” Byrne’s spokesman Thorsten Muench told Reuters.

He added, “We have chosen those (stars) who do not smoke and who are idols for this group.”

b4-4 are the latest group under the wing of Lou Perlman, the manager who launched U.S. millionaire boybands Backstreet Boys

and *N Sync,

and the Canadian group’s first single in Europe will be a song called ‘Feel Free To Say No’.


Muench said the adverts featuring the stars will run for two to three weeks in all 15 EU states.