The star reveals he was an early starter...

MOBY has revealed that he started taking drugs at the age of ten to impress his schoolfriends.

The chart-topping star, now 36, told the Radio Times that his experimentations with drugs began with “hash and pills a friend was given by his sister, who was meant to be taking them in a mental hospital. It was my way of hanging out with the cool kids”.

Moby also developed a taste for alcohol. “We drank whatever liquor we could steal from our parents – mostly crème de menthe – and threw up on each other. It was miserable, but no one would admit it. I pretty much stopped at 13 because I was scared. A few years later I became so straight I didn’t drink or eat red meat and

was celibate.”

Now vegan, the clean living Moby explained that he’s only been on one holiday, to Barbados six years ago. “After three days I was so miserable I took the first flight home. I’m bored easily. I’m envious of those who find happiness in regular things, like holidays. I even read magazine articles like ‘Ten steps to a happier life’.”

In the Radio Times article, on sale tomorrow (Tuesday July 2), Moby gives insights into his insecurity. “All my life I’ve been intimidated by public figures. When I read about them in magazines, I sense their life is better than mine, and one of my goals, now I’m a public figure, is never to make anyone feel bad about themselves when they read about me.”