Sigur Ros also speak up in favour of the under-fire file-sharing network...

MOBY has spoken out in support of NAPSTER and threatened to wear nothing but his NAPSTER T-shirt – or go naked! – in protest at his music being blocked from it.

Speaking on his website,, he said: “I did not opt to be filtered out of Napster. I like Napster. I like the idea of people listening to my music (which is why I make my music in the first place). If I’ve been filtered out of Napster it has nothing to do with me, and that is a promise. And to show my solidarity I’m going to wear my Napster T-shirt today. Well, for part of the day, cos it’s really hot. So for the most of the day I’ll be walking around naked. But when I’m not naked I’ll wear my Napster T-shirt.”

Elsewhere Moby, who is holed up in New York working on the follow up to ‘Play’, suggested fans try alternative ways of looking for his music on the site. “Hint: try ‘mody’ or ‘mobi”. Just a hint,” he wrote.


Also speaking out in support of the file-sharing service, Sigur Ros have said Napster was a key force in breaking the band in the US, where they recently completed a sell-out tour.

The Icelandic group, who signed a US deal with PIAS records earlier this year after an intense bidding war between labels, already have a strong following Stateside.

And they believe their songs being made available through Napster was instrumental in helping them reach a wide audience before the deal was signed.

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM: “Before we had a domestic release in the US, it was our main method of getting people to hear us. Lots of people have contacted us by email and said that’s how they found us, using Napster.”

The band, who released their album ‘Agaetis Byrjun’ in the US this week, are promoting it through Napster, making the track ‘Svefn G Englar’ available for sharing from today (May 18).

The band commented: “Napster has helped change the way we access music. It’s brought a freedom based on sharing that exists outside the grasp of those concerned purely with financial gain.”


Napster founder Shawn Fanning added: “Sigur Ros‘ music is incredibly compelling and unique. I’m thrilled that Napster has the opportunity to expose them even more to new fans.”