The bald dance boffin reveals he's a punk at heart, while the rock legend confesses he once milked a cow to sound of his own tune 'Heroes'...

MOBY and DAVID BOWIE have interviewed each other for the dance star’s official website.

In a posting on the official Moby website, , both Moby and Bowie have submitted a number of questions each, to which the other has answered.

As part of the interview, Moby said his “secret dream” is to return to his punk roots and perform a low-key tour across the US.

He said: “One of my secret dreams is to travel around north America with some friends in a crappy little van and play punk rock in seedy bars and nightclubs.

“Maybe it’s because I grew up travelling around in a crappy little van playing punk rock in seedy bars and nightclubs, but I really do have a strange and deep love for that aesthetic. And the great satisfaction that one gets from playing guitar really loud. “

Bowie reveals that he considers the most influential visual artists of the 20th century to be “a split between Warhol and Duchamp”, and on a lighter note admits that he once milked a cow while listening to his own classic track ‘Heroes’.

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