After licencing every track from 'Play', the star insists '18' won't suffer the same fate...

MOBY has said he has turned down all requests to licence tracks from his ’18’ album for advertisments.

The dance star attracted criticism when every track from his multi-million selling album ‘Play’ was licensed out to advertisers to soundtrack adverts promoting, amongst other things, cars and credit cards.

However, according to the Reuters, Moby said that despite numerous requests, he has turned down “everything” this time around.

He commented: “The reason we licensed stuff from ‘Play’ was that was the only avenue we had available to us to get people to hear the music. We’ve had requests (to license songs from ’18’), but we’ve said no to everything.”

He conceded that some of the songs from ’18’ may be used in the future, but only if a ” really interesting licensing opportunity came along”.

Moby releases a new single, ‘Extreme Ways’, on August 19.