The bald boffin turns down several remix projects so he can concentrate on his own work...

MOBY has written over 100 songs for the follow-up to ‘PLAY’.

Moby has spent the first part of the year working on as-yet-untitled record. Speaking to MTV news in the US, he confirmed that all other remix projects had been turned down so he could work on the record “every day, seven days a week” from his home in New York.

He continued: “I’m so easily distracted, I’ve put a self-imposed moratorium on side projects. I’m not allowed to do other things. I’m just focusing on making my own record.”

Moby, who is in the process of editing the material down, was reluctant to reveal the direction of the new album, but told reporters that he had been listening to a lot of 60s soul records.

His manager, Barry Taylor said the record will not be released until “the second or third quarter of next year”.