The star speaks out on the eve of a massive demonstration in London opposing a military campaign against Iraq...

MOBY has spoken out again on the issue of war in IRAQ – saying he is “incredibly suspect” of the timing.

In the UK, Blur‘s Damon Albarn has teamed up with [a][/a] in support of a CND backed campaign aimed at opposing war in Iraq.

The pair designed and financed a poster that appeared in NME, which intends to show their opposition to proposed British involvement in the prospective US military campaign aimed out driving out leader Saddam Hussein.

The are also attempting to raise awareness of a massive demonstration on London tomorrow (September 28), which they are hoping readers will attend.

Writing to fans on his official website from London, Moby said he is still “uncomfortable” with the issue.

He wrote: “The timing makes me uncomfortable. The timing makes me uncomfortable because of the mid-term elections coming up. If George W is so gung-ho on removing Saddam Hussein from power why didn’t he focus on it a year ago? Or why didn’t he focus on it when he was campaigning for president? Or why didn’t he focus on it while he was governor of Texas? Why is he only now focussing on war against Iraq?

“The fact that he’s focussed his administration on war in Iraq right before the mid-term elections makes me very uncomfortable. It’s not as if Saddam Hussein became any more evil in the last few months. He’s been pretty consistently evil for the last 20 years. Not to mention Bush and Cheney’s history in the oil industry and the fact that Iraq has HUGE untapped oil reserves. If you ask me the timing of this is incredibly suspect.”