The star regrets that his touring schedule means he is in Japan on the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks...

MOBY has said he made a “mistake” by touring in Japan when he’d rather be back in his native NEW YORK to mark the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The dance star, who lives near to Ground Zero, was at home on September 11 last year when the two planes destroyed the twin towers. This year, Moby is in Japan touring his current album ’18’.

However, he said that he wants to return home to his family and friends to mark the occasion, which also coincides with his birthday.

“As much as I love Japan I feel very strange being away from New York today,” he wrote on his official website. “I feel strange being away from New York because it’s my birthday and my friends and family live in and around New York City. And I feel strange being away from New York because it’s September 11th, the one year anniversary of the most significant day in New York’s history in the last 150 years. I feel a sense of sadness, but even more so I feel this desire to walk down to the site of the former World Trade Center.”

He continued: “I feel this strange need to stand in the sun in downtown Manhattan and smell the air coming up from subway vents and look at people rushing to work and to remember what happened a year ago. I want to remember what happened. I want to stand on my roof and look at the hole in the sky where the twin towers used to be. I want to remember what they looked like when they dominated the skyline. No offence to Japan and the wonderful Japanese people, but I shouldn’t be here right now. It was a mistake to schedule a tour that took me away from my home on September 11th.

Now I know.”