The star hopes a "rational" and "informed" decision is made over any attack in the Middle East...

MOBY is the latest star to speak out on the issue of war in IRAQ – but has admitted he doesn’t really know what to think about the issue.

In the UK, Blur‘s Damon Albarn has teamed up with [a][/a] in support of a CND backed campaign aimed at opposing war in Iraq.

The pair have designed and financed a poster that appears in next week’s NME, which intends to show their opposition to proposed British involvement in the prospective US military campaign aimed out driving out leader Saddam Hussein.

Writing to fans on his official website, Moby said he is unsure about the pros and cons of any future conflict, but has his concerns.

“To be honest with you I don’t know what to think,” he wrote. “Based on his history as the leader of Iraq, it is safe to say that Saddam Hussein is a bad man. He has killed millions of people (even his own) without any apparent ethical concerns. So it’s safe to say that a world in which Saddam Hussein were behind bars would probably be better than a world wherein Saddam is the leader of a gigantic, dangerous country.

“But I don’t know about America attacking Iraq…almost all of our allies seem to virulently oppose the idea of America invading Iraq. And I always get nervous when oilmen talk about aggressive foreign policy that involves oil-producing nations. And I get nervous about George W’s sabre rattling against Iraq given the embarrassment that the Bush family feels about not ousting Saddam the first time around. And I get very nervous whenever politicians talk about war around election time.”

Moby said that if Hussein is working towards the development of nuclear weapons, then “I don’t really see how the democratic world can sit around and do nothing”.

He concluded: “It is my sincere hope that our political leaders somehow end up making rational and informed decisions that are not tainted by subjective historical precedent, electoral expediency, or the influence of special interests. That’s my hope.”