Pity - the much sought-after dance guru thinks the group's single 'Common People' is "remarkable"...

MOBY has turned down the opportunity to remix new PULP material because he is too busy working on his own album, NME.COM can reveal.

The star, who is currently in the US, said that although he thought Pulp‘s 1995 classic ‘Common People’ single “remarkable”, ongoing work on the follow-up to his ‘Play’ album means that he has been forced to decline the band’s offer to remix their new material.

Moby confirmed the news on his official website, [url=]

He said: “Does anyone else think that ‘Common People’ by Pulp is one of the most remarkable songs ever recorded? ‘Common People’ is just so remarkable. Good old Jarvis and Pulp. It made me sad, because they just approached me to do a remix for them and I had to say no because I’m only allowing myself to work on my next album…but it’s kind of sad because I really do like Pulp.”

The dance star recently turned down New Order‘s offer of collaborating on their long-awaited new album for the same reasons.

Speaking to NME.COM prior to a concert in Berlin, he said: “I love New Order and I love what they do, but I don’t think we’ll be collaborating in the near future. The fact is, if I’m gonna have any time to work on music, I have to be selfish and work on my own music.”

Pulp hope to release a new single in the summer. The band are also confirmed to appear at the forthcoming Homelands festival on May 26.