To see what he has to say about Hillary Clinton, 'intimate assaults at gigs' (we're not explaining that here) and the price of fame in our exclusive interview...

Moby told fans of his love for Hillary Clinton, that somebody once “bit my penis through my pants” at a show in the US, and described his new-found celebrity status as “very strange” in an exclusive webchat with readers.

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Moby was talking prior to his sold out gig at London’s Kentish Town Forum on Saturday (March 4). As well as talking online with fans, Moby also found time to conduct a video interview with reporters, and elaborated on some of the main topics that arose in the webchat.


He spoke candidly about his disillusionment with the initial press reaction to ‘Play’, released almost 18 months ago through Mute, how he would like to take most of his fans “out to dinner” and his views on his material being franchised out to advertisers.

He said: “Once I give it (the completed tracks) to the record company, they own the music. Because they’re nice people and are an indie label, I am happy to let them licence it wherever they want. Music is used to promote things I would never use or never be associated with, but by letting my music be used in this way means my friends at the record company keep their jobs.”

Moby, a vegan, also apologised in the webchat to fans for posing in GQ in cashmere and leather:”I didn’t know it was cashmere…sorry. and I would never buy leather, but for a photo shoot I guess….I guess I made a mistake. sorry.”

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